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Necklace Full Moon // Sterling Silver

Necklace Full Moon // Sterling Silver

$49.00 USD

Unique sterling silver necklace Full Moon is created especially for those who like graceful, symmetric shapes and long hanging chains. Circle shape has also a strong symbolical meaning. Not only it represents natural circles as the Moon or Sun, but from early ages many scholars believed that there was something intrinsically "divine" or "perfect" that could be found in circles. Beauty is in simplicity.

Pendant is also available in different materials and sizes (made according to your personal order).

- 925 sterling silver
- Hanging Length - big: 1.37' / 3.5 cm // small: 1.2' / 2.8cm
- Chain Length - big: 31.4 " / 80cm approx. // small: 31.4" / 80cm
- Ships gift-wrapped in a beautiful hand stamped box

Made to order, please allow 1-3 business days production time.

Thank you for choosing handmade!