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Sail Earrings // Sterling Silver

Sail Earrings // Sterling Silver

$52.00 USD

Hand-made sterling silver earrings Sail. Minimalistic yet elegant studs fitting everyday style. Earrings Sail beautifully embrace the ear with two separate part they are made of. Simply take off the closure end, take off the bigger part of the stud and put it back on once you put the main stud in your ear.  
Creative beauty.
- Brushed, mat finishing
- 925  sterling silver
- Diameter: Small part:  0.39" / 1cm
                      Big part: 0.78'' // 2cm
- Packed in labeled gift bag

I will be happy to make it in custom size or design - feel free to contact me.

Made to order, please allow 1-3 business days production time.

Thank you for choosing handmade!